Tuesday, June 6, 2017

He Is The Only One

Guest Blog from Kreed's Grandmother Tammy:

"Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forward." - Anonymous
Whenever I see this quote, it always makes me think of Kreed Joshua. As doctors and specialists "look back" at Kreed's life and research the gene that wreaked havoc and destroyed his body, Kreed LIVED life always moving forward.

Of course, I do not need to read a quote to be reminded of, or remember Kreed! I have a kaleidoscope of memories of him! Not only in my mind, but as I look around my home and see the many pictures that we so proudly display, and the mementos that he gave me, his Grandma Tammy, or the things that Erin and Carie "re- gifted" me after we lost him. I have a small Christmas tree that I set up in honor of him and his love of the holidays that is decorated with the Peanut characters that he adored. Books that I gave him surround it. Cards that he sent me and signed hang proudly on my wall alongside the  pictures and cards that my other grandchildren gifted me. As any grandmother can attest to- - - the gifts received from the grandchildren are so precious and become treasured mementos. Kreed loved the outdoors, so I have dedicated a part of my garden in honor of him as well. I painted a bicycle orange, his favorite color, and have a Superman sign there as well. Kreed was a Superman, a real-life superhero.

Kreed Joshua "bounced" into my life less than a decade ago, but the impact that he created in my life will last forever! To know Kreed was to LOVE him. His charisma drew you to him instantly. He had a smile as wide as the Mississippi River is long. He could be as loud as a race car going 100mph, and flashed a colorful personality that was as vibrant as a Fourth of July fireworks display. There was never any doubt that when Kreed was in your presence, he was not ignored! His playfulness was contagious! Exhausting at times too, but his heart was genuine.

Although Kreed could not "speak" in words what he felt, he surely found ways to articulate his desires, and it was always with much enthusiasm. Whether it was to go out to eat (always!), go for a walk, go shopping, go out to play, go boating, etc., one thing was for sure, Kreed wanted to GO! His zest and excitement for things could sometimes generate lively displays of various emotions. This would cause stares from fellow shoppers and restaurant goers, but Erin and Carie took it in stride. These animated displays of pleasure and displeasure never kept them from exposing Kreed to ALL kinds of wonderful new adventures! He had the privilege of going kayaking, boating, tubing, horseback riding, bicycle riding, camel riding, hiking, swimming, and flying across the country, just to name a few! He was eager to try new things, and definitely had, NO FEAR!

Kreed Joshua, I miss you immensely. You inspired me and many others to enjoy life to the fullest. You knew that "tomorrow" always brings a chance to make new friends, eat more fries, learn new skills, smile and giggle, cuddle, and bounce! In a play on words from Tigger, the fun loving, always bouncing character from the Classic Tales of Winnie the Pooh... You are bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun....

             But the MOST wonderful thing about Kreed...he is the ONLY ONE!!


  1. Beautifully said...💗💗💗

  2. So well said. I never met him but know that you had to be richer for having him in your life.

  3. Kreed was blessed to have Grandma Tammy in his life. A true connection between Grandmother and Grandson. Erin and Carie worked so hard to make Kreed's life so special. His smile love of going out to eat movies the outdoors would translate to a "No Limits Day" that our Social Media community and others who have been touched by Kreed a way for us to remember our dear Kreed Joshua. May the memories of Kreed continue to inspire us for years to come.

    Erin thanks for your inspirational Blog posts. Your an inspiration to so many people including myself.

  4. He obviously was loved by so many!!❤️

  5. beautiful i am wearing my kreed strong tshirt proudly

  6. I cried because i watched your chanle 2 year's ago and i wanted to find it again but then i saw that kreed had died i truly am sorry