Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some times are harder than others...

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about Kreed's changes. It was so amazing and was much needed. Kreed's fog had lifted.

But sometimes there are more bumps on the road. His fog is back. The medication had an added kick to it that caused severe rages in him after about three to four weeks. Rough times. Luckily we have an awesome doctor and we think perhaps we know what *might* work for the kid. It's so hard to see him so unhappy.

There have been some good parts. He made his annual trek to the East Coast. Here are a few highlights. First, he went tubing for the first time in his life. It was amazing. I went with him the first time to see how he would do. I held on with all my might and looped my arm around him. Hilarity ensued. He held on much better than me! Eventually we crashed and burned- more my fault than his! He didn't care, he loved it and started to dive and swim in the water. Next, we decided he could do it on his own. Here are some pictures of him doing so! Was his favorite thing ever.

A few days later, we went hiking in a park- he loved the water fall the best, can you tell?

In between all these good times were the tough times. It's not like Kreed ever wants to be like this- he doesn't like the biting and crying anymore than we do. It's just the only way he knows to cope with his body. He is unable to communicate even with his device when he feels like this and it is so incredibly heart breaking.

Between everything, I feel like we have a spark to shoot for. We saw what was there in his head for three brief weeks. We know where we want and need to go. Now just time to get him back there and figure out what gets rid of the fog in his head. Kreed even started to request the doctor over and over when he was raging- it was one of the few things he could communicate. Tells you something right there- autism sucks. He wishes to be able to communicate more than anything- I'd give anything so he could communicate. Anything.

(Cinna the wonderdog at Five Guys with Kreed. Loves his boy).

He's awake now. Time to see where the day will take us.