Monday, June 17, 2013

New Blog!

Well, we started out with a blog on tumblr (which can be seen here:, but decided to come back to blogger due to features such as being able to leave a comment. So here we go on the blog here! Be sure to check out Kreed's Youtube page: where we frequently update his progress on using his AAC device and other skills. Lately Kreed has faced many issues, which his mom gives a brief history on her blog seen here: As for me, I just document Kreed's journey and try to capture this unique kid the best I can and to show others what he is capable of. His whole life everyone said Kreed couldn't do this or that (like communicate with a device or write his name). So it's been my mission to prove everyone wrong and show them the awesome kid he is and how far he has come and how far he will go. His mom has gone to great lengths to give Kreed the best help available and has never given up on him and so I joined this journey with them to help and suppor the best way I can. See, look at this cute kid!

And so begins our journey now on blogger!