Monday, June 24, 2013

Kreed makes his first phone call!

From Kreed's youtube: Kreed's had a tough few months medically so I haven't posted many videos. But the other day we started to have some more breakthroughs. Kreed said "me call Bill" (Bill is his favorite respite provider). So I texted Bill and he said we could call. Originally it was going to be a video call but his video feed wouldn't link up. It took Kreed a few minutes to recognize we called him and he was on the phone. I used my iPad and Skype for the call. It was amazing. Here is the final three minutes of that call. Kreed is shown his phrases page but for the most part Kreed is choosing what to say. Also of note- Kreed found "call" verb on his own and I still don't know where he found that!! Enjoy!