Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saying more with less time...

When I talk to other families, I find that most don't know how easy it is to implement devices at home in most situations. Especially families who are getting a device for the first time- it seems overwhelming at first. That's why I started shooting videos of Kreed that are a minute or less- showing how fast you can have an interaction in just a minute! Take this 45 second video:
 A lot of what we do with Kreed is in short bursts. We take opportunities as they come. Everyone has so much to take care of day in and day out, but these short couple of seconds or few minutes can be worth so much to your son or daughters life when they are using AAC to communicate. Unlike you and I who can always say what we want and when we want it, our kiddo's are forced to wait for the right time or have to be taught what language to use in what situations.
This is perhaps the main reason we use Kreed's device in every situation- he has to be taught how to use the language on the Dynavox in any given situation- from asking when the cookies are done (instead of opening and closing the oven a billion times) to requesting for me to go get his Ruffles and water versus handing me a plate and a cup. I have to teach Kreed to have purposeful language.

So I try to tell families, just take these thirty second bursts ot a minute to have these nano conversations. Our kids rely on us 100% to communicate and I find it only fair that I try to expose Kreed to as much language as possible with his device. This is why I love the Dynavox T10- his device- it has so many phrases pre-programmed, I have to do very little programming outside of what they have which has been wonderful. And if I do have to program anything, it takes like half a second, so we aren't losing valuable time having to program the darn thing! And the phrases they selected for them to use is un-matched. It has catapulted Kreed's language way ahead. All of this progress! And it makes these mini conversations super possible! For more video's on Kreed using a device, head to his youtube- . Here are a few more snapshots of short clips that are easy to incoprorate at home. 

What are ways famlies can integrate devices in their every day life?
- During meal time- asking for more, saying all done, telling what they want to eat
- During car rides- what song they like, if they want the window up or down, answering wh questions about where you are going and what you are doing
- At stores- using a grocery list, talking about what you are going to buy, what they want to buy, where to go in the store
- At a department store- where they want to look or go, what they want, using a store list, talking about things you see at the store
- At the park- requesting where to go, what to do, commenting about activities at the park
- Watching videos- Wh questions about what they are watching, requesting movies, requesting to stop, play, eject, a different movie or episode, if they like the movie or don't like the movie

I will continue to add tips!!